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The world is not getting small, but it is more crowded.  When you travel we can't promise you that there won't be crowds, but on a small group tour of Israel, you will be able to see and do more.  Go past the long lines to see must see sites.  Engage in unique experiences such as an after hours museum tour or private concert.  Tour group range in size from 12 to 24 travelers and vary from first class to luxury hotels. 

Ancient Wonders Jordan and Israel

12 days starting from $7595 per person.

Behold magnificent Petra in Jordan, roam through Wadi Rum, float in the Dead Sea, privately cruise the Sea of Galilee, and discover ancient and modern Israel, from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv....(click for more)

Antiquities of the Dead Sea Israel and Jordan

9 days starting from $5745 per person.

Discover the natural beauty, extraordinary treasures and sacred ancient sites in Israel and Jordan. Uncover modern history at the moving Holocaust History Museum, then travel back in time to examine the revered riches of ancient Jerusalem at the Moun...(click for more)

Crossroads of Israel

9 days starting from $8245 per person.

A land as old as time, a nation as new as tomorrow. A single city sacred to three of the world’s major religions. A place of refuge, a nation of contrasts. Open your spirit to this life-changing Journey of Shalom. Drive north along the azure Mediterr...(click for more)

Israel and Jordan

14 days starting from $5790 per person.

This multi-dimensional tour explores historical and cultural connections that define modern day life; travel from Tel Aviv to the Sea of Galilee and Jerusalem, and into Jordan to the Dead Sea, Petra and more. When you travel to Israel and Jordan wit...(click for more)

Mystical Israel (2017)

11 days starting from $9695 per person.

A land that seems as old as time itself. A single city so holy, it incites rivalries that reach back across thousands of years. A place of refuge, a nation of contrasts, a geography seeped in ancient tradition and driven by modern economic forces. To...(click for more)

Signature Israel

8 days starting from $6495 per person.

Discover Biblical and historic sites in Bethlehem, Nazareth and Jerusalem; explore Masada and Yad Veshem; and cruise the Sea of Galilee on this immersive independent journey....(click for more)

Signature Jordan and Israel

12 days starting from $9795 per person.

On this fascinating independent journey into the past, walk in ancient footsteps in rock-carved Petra, sail in a traditional boat on the Sea of Galilee and visit Israel's storied cities of Nazareth, Bethlehem and Jerusalem....(click for more)

The Holy Land

8 days starting from $3999 per person.

With charming boutique hotels and a 5-star property overlooking Old Jerusalem, our unique and intimate holy land tour reveals amazing stories of Biblical antiquity and 21st-century Israeli life....(click for more)

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